Digitising Mould-Affected Documents

PROJECT: Digitising public hospital’s fungi infected records

CLIENT: Major Public Hospital

LOCATION: New South Wales, Australia

INDUSTRY: Healthcare services document scanning


Key deliverables:

  Digitised 56,000 patient records containing 6,100,000 images
  Project delivered 5 weeks early within the 7-month contracted period
  Cataloguing records onsite before retrieving the boxes
  Used PPE and worked in a HAZMAT-protected room fitted with HEPA air filtration units
  Urgent files uploaded within 2-4 hours from the request
  All boxes barcoded with a unique job number to track progress



In 2015, fungi infected the entire secondary storage facility of a major public hospital. The hospital’s staff were hesitant to retrieve documents because of health and safety concerns.

Since document retrieval was critical for ongoing operations, the hospital sought an experienced supplier who could digitise mould-affected hospital records in a secure and timely manner. They contacted ADEC Preview to digitise 55,768 patient records, each containing 110 images (equating to approximately 6,134,480 images).



ADEC Preview’s team, equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they were trained in using, catalogued the records onsite before retrieving the boxes and shipping them back to our facility.

In a designated, HAZMAT-protected room fitted with HEPA air filtration units, our team prepared the documents for scanning, removed the pages from their bindings, removed staples, and repaired tears. They barcoded all boxes with a unique job number to track and monitor the progress. Once they completed the scanning, our team quality-checked the documents and used metadata — indexed by the Medical Record Number (MRN) — to validate the documents against the hospital’s patient database.

Since access to these records was critical for ongoing healthcare during the seven-month project, ADEC Preview also provided a 24/7 scan-on-demand facility. Whenever the hospital urgently required a file, ADEC Preview located, scanned, and uploaded the file within two to four hours from the time of the request.



ADEC Preview is one of the largest bureaus in Australia, with over 25 years of industry experience. In response to the medical arena’s Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) initiatives, hospitals, specialists, and general medical practices are progressively working towards the digitisation of all patient records.

A specialist in the digitisation of patient records, ADEC Preview has been actively involved with the digitisation of medical records from a vast array of local health districts.

ADEC Preview always aims to ensure that the process of scanning and uploading large volumes of historical records is as seamless as possible. Whilst bulk scanning of any material has similar elements, there are special considerations with medical records, in particular, the attention to detail for data capture.

ADEC Preview has extensive experience indexing documents by agreed parameters or cataloguing formats, as well as a proven track record of successfully delivering these services to hospitals and doctors’ surgeries on time and within budget. ADEC Preview is also aware of data security and privacy, which is why all ADEC Preview staff are police-vetted.


Deliverables and Results

Our team digitised 56,000 documents containing 6,100,000 images in less that 6 months, completing the project five weeks before the seven-month contractual period.


Client Testimonial

“Because of their expertise in this sector, ADEC Preview made it look so easy. There are very few suppliers who can handle contaminated records, and these guys are the finest.”

- Medical Records Manager, Major Public Hospital