Chisholm Institute - Paperless Student Files

Chisholm Institute since 1998 has been a part of one of the fastest growing education providers in Australia. With an abundance of courses and study options being provided each year, Chisholm Institute prides themselves on helping students excel on their chosen career path.

With thousands of new enrolments annually, physical paper-based student files are collected as part of the application process. To ensure quick and easy retrieval and to minimise misfiled documentation, a document management solution was put in place to increase accessibility of documents across a large multi-campus organisation.

With years of experience in document management and scanning for a number of educational organisations, ADEC Preview was selected to convert the paper based records into electronic form.

ADEC Preview Solutions Digitisation

Each week, ADEC Preview Solutions digitises three to four archive boxes of student files, allowing for seamless conversion of paper files to electronic images. The documents are prepared by removing staples, clips and repairing any tears. The prepared documents are then scanned on a specialised production scanner and electronic multipage PDF documents are created for each student file. Each file is then indexed by the student number and all relevant details are imported from a customer supplied database which links details such as Surname, First name and Date of Birth. The files are then uploaded to ADEC Preview’s web based solution called eView+ which allows easy access of the digitised records by numerous search fields.

Recently, Chisholm Institute expressed that they are “extremely” happy with the service and standard of work provided by ADEC Preview and stated that ADEC Previews web based document viewing solution eView+ is “simple to use” and allows easy accessibility of documents.

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