Anglo Coal

Anglo Coal is one of Australia’s leading coal producers with extensive mining interests in Queensland and New South Wales.

Capcoal Management a division of Anglo Coal operates an open cut mine and three underground mines which produce premium quality hard coking coal for the export steel markets.

Capcoal found that the sheer volume of paper in their Training department was becoming unmanageable and was taking up too much prime floor space. Employee files typically contain a range of paper documents as diverse as application forms, qualification forms, CVs, work permits, equipment authorisations and so on.

ADEC Document Scanning for Coal Producer, Anglo Coal

ADEC Preview Services was chosen to carry out the scanning work because it offered the best combination of value for money and absolute confidentiality, which were primary requirements of the project.

The new system makes it very easy to consolidate the records for one employee in the same file - thus ensuring that any given employee's file is completely up to date.

Of ADEC Preview's management of the project, our customer commented, "ADEC Preview carried out the scanning efficiently and accurately and delivered on schedule. We had absolutely no issues with this aspect of the project - in short, a top quality job from a highly professional company!"

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