ADEC $50M saving

Case Study – Accounts Receivable: Reclaiming $50M in One Year with ADEC!

The Challenge

Consistently ranked as one of the world's most admired and trusted employers, an AR client of ADEC provides their customers and businesses in over 220 countries worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services for over 35 years. Continually challenged with managing the accuracy and up-charge process for low confidence packages that passed through their automated shipping processes, the client faced poor customer service and billing inaccuracies of over 24% throughout their organisation. In addition, the client found they could not cost effectively manage their processes in a BPO environment.

The Solution

ADEC, proven in offering high quality solutions for AR departments, offered a customised solution that would immediately address the billing and service needs while addressing cost efficiencies. ADEC provides an audit and validation procedure through an online hosted system that manages the audit price and price adjustment processing for the client. Upon full production, ADEC processes more than 6.5 million rejections for the client on a monthly basis.

The Result

The client deliberated with multiple vendors before selecting ADEC as their partner. With ADEC's ability to ramp up the project quickly and manage the entire process from end to end, the client was able to recoup valuable time and dollars at a price point much less than an in-house solution. In a short period, the inaccuracies dropped to less than 6%, resulting in an increase in recovered revenue of over $50M in one year. In addition, with ADEC's multi-platform BPO model, the client took advantage of both domestic and offshore capabilities to further streamline the new process.

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