Digitising records for mining In mining, the shift to digital systems and processes is crucial, but the industry's historic reliance on paper documents poses challenges.

Mining companies find themselves needing to digitise diverse records from various locations and formats, including damaged ones. For this, a trusted partner with industry expertise is essential.

Digitise documents with ADEC Preview

ADEC Preview has been a trusted name in document management for over two decades. We provide document-scanning solutions tailored to the specific needs of the mining industry.

Anglo Coal - Ongoing document management

Since 2008, we've been trusted partners of Anglo Coal, one of Australia’s leading coal producers with extensive mining interests in Queensland and New South Wales.

We've scanned and managed more than 3 million images, helping Anglo Coal streamline its document management processes. Our partnership extends to four mine sites. Here's what our customer says:

"ADEC Preview carried out the scanning efficiently and accurately and delivered on schedule. We had absolutely no issues with this aspect of the project - in short, a top-quality job from a highly professional company!"

Orica - A Project to Remember

Orica Mining Services, the world's leading supplier of commercial explosives, selected ADEC Preview for digitising vital R&D reports from 1900 to 1976. The aged documents presented a challenge with unconventional materials used for binding.

ADEC Preview took delivery of the boxes. We scanned the initial set of 400 boxes containing over 800,000 images in a four-month period, returning the scanned and indexed images to integrate into Orica's internal document storage.

Over the two-year engagement, over 610 boxes of documents were processed. Scanned images in an electronic format ensured the long-term integrity of the valuable information and enabled global accessibility.

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