Law Enforcement ADEC worked with many law enforcement agencies to scan their records. Offering legal document, police record scanning, child protection and capturing services.




Legal Document & Police Record Scanning

The need to make information available that may previously have only been in paper form has been vital. All kinds of records including those of Child Protection, Firearms, Forensics and Custody Records have been digitised via scanning and then indexed into a range of document management systems.

ADEC Innovations has worked with many law enforcement agencies to scan their records and has developed a specific set of processes to collect, collate, prepare, scan, index, and load material for easy access.

ADEC Innovations is unique in that all staff involved in the projects have been police vetted by at least one force and often by more.

ADEC Innovations has often taken over scanning projects that have become unmanageable within the force itself or has worked with them to reduce the time taken and the resource allocated.