Human Resources Human Resource departments or companies know that HR departments that are easy to manage, complement business objectives, maximise staff retention and create open


ADEC Innovations has extensive experience in the digitisation of human resource files, which generally include:

Employment Information

Employee Relations

Payroll Information

Performance Appraisals

Training and Development



Once the files are digitised they can be categorised into the groups above and allow the users to easily manage and add ongoing information to the files, thus ensuring best practice methodologies.


  • All records are easily accessible from one shared location
  • Multiple users can access the files at the same time
  • Reduced clerical time spent on searching for miles
  • Eliminated paper storage burden and retrieval costs
  • Eliminates lost, misfiled or documents sitting on someone's desk
  • Allows user level access on secure documents

ADEC Innovations has linked with several industry standard and bespoke in-house HR software solutions.