Health & Medical Records Hospital document management, and scanning services in Sydney. Protect, integrate, easily manage electronic health & medical records of patients.

Medical Records Management

ADEC Innovations has actively been involved with the digitisation of medical records from a vast array of Local Health Districts, Hospitals, GP Clinics and Cosmetic Surgeries.





  • Easy access for medical professionals in multiple locations.
  • Compliance with Freedom of Information Legislation.
  • Significant space saving.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Prevention of deterioration of records.

Creating the images

Digitisation is the process of producing a digital image from a paper (or even film) record. Once digitised, the images are indexed and loaded into a document management or ERM system - either the client's own system or ADEC's hosted service.

What makes Preview different...

ADEC Innovations specialises in the digitisation of patient records and, whilst bulk scanning of any material has similar elements, there are special considerations with medical records - in particular the attention to detail for data capture. ADEC Innovations has extensive experience of indexing documents by agreed parameters or catalogue formats and a proven track record of successfully delivering these services to hospitals and doctors' surgeries alike, on time and within budget. We also know how important security of data is and, therefore, our staff are police vetted.

A seamless process

Our aim is to ensure that the process of scanning and uploading large volumes of historic records is as seamless as possible. ADEC Innovations works closely with the leading document management providers and supports all the common load file formats. So, why not consult a member of our expert team and learn how ADEC Innovations can make your project a guaranteed success?


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