Education ADEC Innovations has been digitising Enrolment and Student files for several universities, TAFE and education institutes.

ADEC Innovations has vast experience in digitising material for the education market.





Enrolment & Student Document Scanning

From examination papers to HR records to departmental archive material for online availability, ADEC Innovations works with a wide range of organisations to ensure secure and cost effective solutions.

Since 2006 ADEC Innovations has been responsible for scanning GCSE and A-Level papers for UK's largest assessment body - Cambridge Assessment.

E-Marking is now only made possible due to the secure and cost effective service that ADEC Innovations can offer.

In addition, ADEC Innovations now works with other professional bodies to help manage their examination e-Marking programmes and is now considered a world leader in this type of activity.

Schools and colleges also number amongst many of ADEC's clients where cost saving and attention to detail are always high on the agenda for digitisation projects.