Document Scanning

Bulk document scanning reduces the physical space devoted to bulky folders of paper documents, resulting in significant cost savings whilst also helping the environment. Digitisation gives businesses an edge in an increasingly digital market, and scanning paper documents is a key part of that step.

ADEC Preview operates one of the largest scanning bureaus in Australia and employs a team of experts. Our large-scale facility makes use of a combination of technology and other specialist scanning systems, enabling us to scan over 400,000 images a day. Regardless of the requirement, size, or volume, ADEC Preview’s high-speed scanning service is well-equipped to meet your document scanning needs.


ADEC Preview can accommodate almost every size and material, or if printed in colour or black and white. Scanned images are created in a variety of formats, including Tiff, PDF, or JPEG, which can be viewed across a wide range of platforms.

We also convert all scanned images to DWG or DXF formats, especially if these will be used in design packages such as AutoCAD. These capabilities follow industry standards to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Apart from following a rigorous set of security procedures for sensitive data, we also run through strict measures in accordance with the standards of ISO 9000.


Whether you need to convert a significant archive or capture critical data on a regular basis, you can count on us to digitise your paper documents quickly and accurately. [Read more]


Documents in large formats can be digitised, thanks to our sophisticated scanning systems. These are designed to capture the finest details of your documents, regardless of its size. [Read more]


Whenever required, ADEC Preview uploads all scanned documents to eView+, a safe and secure online image repository. eView+ provides you with a simple yet protected way of accessing your documents anytime and anywhere.

Currently, eView+ is being used by some of the largest blue chip organisations in the country. Through this platform, your business can finally achieve true digital transformation.


For more than two decades, organisations in both the private and public sectors in areas like Sydney have enlisted our document scanning solutions for their own digitisation needs. Regardless of your market sector, our services can be tailored to meet your own needs.

The following specialised services cater to some of the sectors we serve:

• Medical Record Scanning

• Legal Document Scanning

• Hospital Document Scanning

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