Our Partners IBML, FirstCarbon Solution, ADEC Solutions-USA, ADEC Solutions are our profound business partners helping us to achieve target business goals over the years.



With a long, rich history of document processing, IBML develop and manufacture the ImageTrac range of scanners. ImageTrac focuses on smooth paper-handling, ease-of-use, and production-oriented document imaging. Patented camera technology and image enhancement provide the best possible images, improve ICR, OMR read rates and minimise exceptions. Coupled with their internal electronic and software design, they provide the ability to intelligently identify, organise, monitor, and process documents into electronic transactions that match the business rules and requirements that we require in serving their clients' requirements.



FirstCarbon Solutions


FirstCarbon Solutions, an ADEC Innovation, is a leader in the collection, management and reporting of performance-related, environmental data empowering companies with the information and the tools that they need to operate in a carbon-constrained economy.



ADEC Solutions-USA


Since our inception in 1994, we have provided the highest levels of quality services to our customers. This commitment to quality, along with our competitive pricing, has enabled ADEC Solutions-USA to grow from a staff of 6 people in one location to our current size of 300+ trained professionals around the world. With an eye on the future we are continually reviewing and installing new technology to provide better solutions for our customers.



ADEC Solutions


ADEC Solutions is a proven market performer in providing customised outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide looking to achieve greater efficiencies. We specialise in Document Management Solutions, Finance and Accounting Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, Logistics Administration, and Carbon Process Management. With over 5,000 personnel globally with offices and delivery centres across the USA, UK, Australia, Philippines, and China, ADEC Solutions is able to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.